Frequently Asked Questions


How much will my cover cost?

You can find out by getting a quick quote. It's difficult to predict how much a pet insurance policy will cost so it's easiest to enter details about your pet to see the prices of the different policies.

What is Moo Pet?

Moo Pet is a brand of Alliance Insurance PSC. We launched our pet insurance programme after hearing from thousands of owners about what they wanted from their Insurer. Moo Pet is based on the needs of the Pets and their owners and we’re continually looking at ways we can improve what we offer.

What is lifetime cover?

Each year upon renewal all the limits within the policy will be reinstated back to their original amounts. For example, if you had a sum insured amount of $4,000 and you claimed $2,000, at renewal the insured amount will go back to $4,000. As long as the premium is paid each year upon renewal, cover will remain in place for the duration of the pet’s life. In other words, the amount does not get depleted.

What happens when my dog or cat get older will you still cover them?

Yes, provided that you have renewed the policy annually for the life of the Pet(s). The policy benefits are annual benefits and are reinstated annually.

How do I make a claim?

To make a claim you will need to complete the claim form at Make A Claim and submit your claim form along with the supporting documentation via email to

Why does my pet have to have an annual health and dental check?

You must take reasonable steps to maintain your pet's health throughout the life of the policy and to prevent injury and illness. Therefore you must arrange and pay for your pet to have an annual health and dental examination by a vet in order to prevent illness or injury and get any treatment they recommend carried out. Failure to observe these conditions will invalidate your policy.

What does Deductible mean?

The Deductible is the percentage (%) amount you pay towards the cost of treating each covered illness or injury during the period of cover (i.e. the policy year or up to the maximum benefit), which is not related to any other illness or injury treated during the same period of cover. For this policy, as your monetary limit is refreshed each year you will pay a deduction per condition per policy year. We will automatically deduct the Deductible amount whilst we are assessing your claim - so whoever is the payee on the claim will receive the claim settlement amount less the Deductible. Please make sure you check your Deductible on your policy documents carefully as your cover can change at renewal.

How can I update my contact details or let you know if any details are incorrect on my policy?

Please email or call us at +971 4 422 9688

I have more than one pet to insure, can I get a discount?

Yes, there are discounts available for multiple pets. The discounts are reflected in your quote.

How can I renew my policy?

We will issue the renewal notice 21 days before the expiration date of the existing policy.

Why do I need pet insurance?

Moo Pet insurance protects your Pet in the unfortunate event that your Pet becomes ill or is accidentally injured. It allows you to have peace of mind knowing that in the event of an unforeseen event your furry friend will be protected by Moo Pet insurance.

When does my cover start?

Your policy will commence on the start date selected by you and as shown on your schedule of insurance. There is a 14 day Initial Exclusion Period from the start date of the new policy.

What if I change my mind and no longer want the policy?

You may cancel your policy at any time. However you will only receive a full refund if you cancel within 14 days of taking out the policy and provided we have no record of any claims being notified.

After the 14 day cooling off period you may cancel the policy at any time by giving us 14 days notice, we will refund a proportion of your premium provided that no claim has been paid, made or notified, in that circumstance we will be entitled to retain all your premium.

What do estimate vet fees in the UAE look like?

Will my cover start from the first day itself once I purchase Pet Insurance from you?

Your policy will incept 14 days after taking out the policy, likewise, claims arising out of any accidents occurring or illness manifesting within 14 days of inception of this policy shall not be covered.

Does it cover X-rays, CT scan, MRI, surgery etc?

The policy provides cover for diagnostic, medical and surgical treatments if they are required as part of diagnosis/treatment for an illness/injury covered by this policy and the costs are reasonable and customary.

Are there age restrictions that apply to the policy?

We cannot provide new policies for dogs aged under 3 months or over 8 years.

We cannot provide new policies for cats aged under 3 months or over 9 years.

If you have an existing policy these restrictions do not apply, we will not cancel it or refuse renewal based on your pet’s age, providing your premium is paid on time and your policy is renewed.

Does it cover vaccinations/neutering/microchipping /routine care/preventative treatment/dental?

This policy provides cover for costs associated with illness or injury. Preventative and routine procedures (such as vaccinations, microchipping, neutering, and flea/worm treatments) are not covered.

Will you pay the vet directly or do I pay and claim it back afterwards?

We can pay you directly or make payments to your vet, providing you have agreed this with them.

We will not make payments to any other third parties.

Do I have to do anything before taking out the cover?

Your pet must be in good health, licensed, microchipped, tagged, and free from injury or illness.

Do I have to do anything after taking out the cover to ensure it remains valid throughout the policy period?

Take proper care of your Pet. This includes taking it for a general health and dental check at least every 12 months and regular vaccinations as recommended by your Vet.

Your Pet must be kept in a secure area. Any fences and enclosures must be capable of retaining your Pet and all gates, openings and so on must be kept secure. When your Pet is on a public highway, it must be kept on a collar and lead and under control. If your dog is a controlled breed, then they must remain muzzled and on a lead at all times.

Does it cover vet’s fees and prescriptions?

Yes. We will pay reasonable costs for your pet’s veterinary treatment and necessary prescriptions for an illness or accidental injury that is covered by the policy.

If my pet already has a medical issue, will the insurance cover it?

No. This policy does not cover pre-existing conditions or any that are caused by or related to pre-existing conditions at the time of first purchasing a policy.

Does it cover dental treatment?

No, this policy does not cover dental treatment unless there is dental treatment required following an accident.

Does it cover annual check-ups and vaccinations?

No, the product only covers accident and illness related events.

What network do you use?

We have an open network which means that you go to any licensed Vet within the UAE to have your pet treated.

My dog/cat breed is not listed on the website, what should I do?

If your pet is not listed on the website, please list it as Mongrel.

Dental Cover

What cover does Moopet offer for dental treatment?

Moopet covers dental treatment only as part of an accidental injury claim.

I have just spent a lot of money on my dogs teeth would this be covered?

This will depend on the reason your dog needed the dental treatment. If your dog was injured accidentally and you can claim for the incident under the vet’s treatment section of the policy, the dental treatment will be included. This includes dental extractions and gum repair. If the dental work is not required due to an accidental injury, the dental work is unfortunately not covered.

Can I claim for dental descale and polish procedures?

Moopet doesn’t offer dental cover for preventative measures. Just like your annual health check and vaccinations, it is your responsibility to keep on top of your pet’s dental health, but you cannot claim for the cost of these treatments under your Moopet policy.

My pet needs to have teeth extracted due to periodontal disease. Is this covered?

Moopet does not offer dental cover for conditions related to disease. This includes periodontal diseases like gingivitis or epulis, as well as plaque build-up or cavities, or any other illnesses that cause erosion or other damage to your pet’s teeth.

My pet has stopped eating and my vet recommended a dental procedure. Is this covered?

Moopet only offers cover for dental treatments if your pet has suffered accidental injury. If the dental work is not required due to an accidental injury, the dental work is unfortunately not covered.

Policy Administration

Is there a discount for more than 1 pet?

There is a 10% discount on any additional pet if you are insuring more than one pet with us.

Is there a monthly payment option?

Yes, we offer both a monthly and an annual payment option.

Can I take this policy out online?

Yes, it’s a two-minute process to take out a policy and you can make payment instantly online.

I still have further questions – who to contact?

You can contact MooPet in the following ways:

By Phone

+971 4 422 9688

By Email