Unlock Exclusive Perks: MooPet Member’s Preferred Partner Benefits Program

The MooPet Benefits

Welcome to the MooPet family! At MooPet Cover, we’re not just about providing top-notch pet insurance; we're also committed to enhancing your pet care experience. That's why we've partnered with some of the best pet care providers in the business to offer exclusive benefits just for you, our valued MooPet customers. 


Overview of the Benefits Program 

Our Preferred Partner Benefits Program is designed to give MooPet customers exclusive access to discounts and special services. From veterinary care to grooming and beyond, we've got your pet's needs covered. And this is just the beginning – we're continually working to expand our network of partners to bring you even more value. 


Get Discounts at some of our Partnered Locations


DogVentures HQ: Your Pet's One-Stop Paradise 

DogVentures HQ is more than just a pet service provider: from daycare and boarding to a vet clinic, training, grooming, and a well-stocked pet shop, they offer it all under one roof. As a MooPet customer, you can enjoy these special discounts: 


Basic Package: 20% discount on full body check-up + vaccination/tagging  

Standard Package: 20% discount on Full body check-up + CBC/Chem17 + Vaccination/Tagging. 

Senior Wellness Package: Special price AED 1,900 for Full body check-up, Dental Consultation, Weight Management, Chem17, CBC, SDMA, T4, Urine Analysis, BP monitoring. 

Premier Package: Special price AED 2,400 for Full body check-up, Dental Consultation, Weight Management, Chem17, CBC, SDMA, T4, Urine Analysis, 4Dx, DHLPP, Rabies, . 

Additional Services:  

20% off on individual sessions and packages for Nutrition/Weight Management, Hydro-therapy, and Laser therapy 

10% discount on Doggy Day Care rates. 


Pet Boutique: Indulge Your Pet in Luxury 

Pet Boutique is a haven for pet pampering and care, offering a range of services from a pet spa and groomer to a pet shop, pet taxi, dog hotel, daycare, and training. MooPet customers can avail any of these fabulous offers: 


First-Time Customers: 50% off with unique promo code given to MooPet Cover customers 

Spa Services: Enjoy 10% discount. 

Pet Shop Products: A 10% discount on all items. 

Premium Package Holders: Free pickup and drop-off in selected areas. 


Vet Veterinary Clinic: Your Dedicated Vet 

With more than 30 years of collective veterinary practice and a commitment to high-quality pet care, Vet Veterinary Clinic has been dedicated to enhancing the lives of pets for over five years. As a MooPet customer, you can enjoy these special discounts: 

1. Annual vaccination flat 30% discount

2. Cat spaying & Castration 50% discount 

3. Dental scaling 40% discount 

4. Yearly health package for dogs and cats 40% discount  

5. Initial vaccination package 30% discount

Pet Point Veterinary Clinic: Your Dedicated Vet 

Pet Point Veterinary Clinic is dedicated to offering top-notch medical care for pets in the UAE, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and a team of passionate, experienced doctors. With a deep love for animals, they treat every pet as their own, ensuring comprehensive healthcare for furry family members. As a MooPet member, your pets can avail the promotions below.

1. 20% off on vaccinations and microchipping 

2. 20% off on dental surgeries and care 

3. 15% off on diagnostics 

4. 20% off on the consultation fee


MooTravelCover: Your Travel Insurance Partner

MooTravel offers customizable, comprehensive travel insurance plans, including Schengen Visa Compliant options, with coverage up to USD 1,000,000 for various travel needs such as winter sports, golf, business trips, and COVID-19, all at competitive rates.

1. Get 25% off on Travel Insurance for the summer. Use code SUMMER25

The MooTravel Discount is only valid till the 30th of June 2024.


How to Avail the Benefits 

Redeeming your discounts is easy! Just mention your MooPet Cover membership at DogVentures HQ, Pet Boutique, and Vet Veterinary Clinic, using your policy number to validate the discount. Keep your details handy to enjoy these exclusive perks. 


Note: Please note that offer details may undergo changes periodically without prior notice. These offers do not constitute a part of the policy cover purchased; rather, they are additional special benefits provided to Moo Pet customers. These benefits may not remain valid for the entire duration of the policy. 


Hear From Our Customers

 Here are a few words from one of our happy pet parents! 

Martina’s Story: Peace of Mind with MooPet 

"I have three cats insured through MooPet, and the relief of not worrying about vet bills is immense. Recently, one of my cats needed emergency care after ingesting something toxic. Thanks to MooPet, the stressful situation was much more manageable, both emotionally and financially. The team was fantastic to deal with, and the refund process was smooth. I highly recommend MooPet for any pet owner." - Martina 



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MooPet Cover is dedicated to providing you an enhanced pet care journey. Stay tuned for more exciting partnerships and benefits coming your way!